Houston Art Car Parade: Free

One of Houston’s favorite activities, the Art Car Parade (May 11, 2013) is a reflection of Houston’s folk art heritage. This free family event, known as the largest parade of decorated automobiles, serves as the focal event of Art Car Weekend, one of the Orange Show Center of Visionary Art’s premeire events. The Art Car Parade gives you a chance to meet the artists and see their incredible creations up close.

“Houston Art Car Weekend is the Orange Show’s biggest outreach program, a vehicle for the message that art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life. The weekend’s events are part folk art, part fine art, part wholly artistic expression of every kind, entirely monumental and thoroughly spectacular!”

WHAT: The 2013 Houston Art Car Parade is Free.

WHEN: Parade is May 11, 2013, starting at 9am. Pre parade (Main Street Drag) Saturday, May 9, 2013, 9am – 1pm.

WHERE: The Art Car Parade runs along Allen Parkway, from Waugh to Bagby, Houston TX.

SAVVY TIP: For great viewing, event managers suggest any place on Allen Parkway between Taft and Bagby. But they encourage you to “come to the party before the party” as the cars line up at Taft and Allen Parkway beginning at 9am.


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