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Just to be clear, I want you to know a few things about how this website works. In fact, I’m compelled to tell you (by the FTC) that I may actually get compensated, from time to time, by companies I mention here on this website. (Also, I’m required to post a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.)

If you enjoy my activity reviews and find my travel tips helpful, following my link to make your purchase is an easy way to say thanks, without costing you a penny. I appreciate your trust. That’s how I keep this website running. Also, I invite advertisers to sponsor SavvyCities in several ways, which I always label so you know what you’re reading. Other times I write about things that just sound like fun, with no compensation whatsoever. Good karma? Why not.

But just so you know, the Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers and online publishers clearly disclose any possible financial connection. And, of course, readers have a right to know. So, here’s my disclosure statement about how I operate:


As founder, writer and publisher of SavvyCities.com, I sometimes get paid commissions or referral fees from other companies, and advertisers sometimes sponsor content on the website, social pages, and e-newsletter. When I decide to research and write a review and/or feature an activity on this website, I often try to arrange an affiliation, special offer, or sponsorship from one or more suppliers, although that isn’t always possible. Either way, I still write my own thoughts and observations and cover every subject in my own way.

The important thing is that no merchant or advertiser calls the shots. I do my own research, writing and reporting. Descriptions of events or activities that come from merchants or advertisers, and not from me personally, are always placed in quotes, so you know what’s me and what’s them. Sponsorships are always labeled as such. 

What about conflict of interest? That is the point, isn’t it. Here is where publishers always say none of this ever influences what, how, when, where they write about things. Of course, I do my best to avoid conflicts. But you deserve my absolute honesty (because you’re actually still here reading), and not because of the FTC and all that. I’ve worked in publishing long enough to see how hard that is to really pull off with complete objectivity. Publishers are human, which means they BS themselves first when compensation is involved. For example, if someone offers me a free trip to a city I really want to visit and sponsorship to cover it, I might just go there first before heading to that other fun city on my own nickel. But I can tell you this: I turn down many more offers than I accept. If I don’t believe in something, I won’t recommend it, no matter what.

Who does influences what I review? Readers. People who visit this site often share comments, send email, complain, rave, cheer, make requests and recommendations. I take them all to heart. Want to know more about a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Hit me up.

Got it? Thought so. Hopefully the FTC will, too.

Kind regards,

Kathy Summers
Publisher, SavvyCities.com

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