Alvin Ailey Dance Theater: 50% Off

Ticket Deals Review: 2014 Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Tour.

Alvin Ailey Deal

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is currently on their 2014 tour in the U.S. Check out the half off ticket deals for April performances in Newark NJ. We’ll add more Alvin Ailey ticket discounts here as they become available.

Alvin Ailey Tickets

Alvin Ailey believed dance came from the people, and should always be delivered back to the people. That’s just one step-ball-change from saying “delivered to the people at affordable prices.”

Thanks to a special offer code, you can get discount tickets for up to 50 percent off for certain performances, starting in Chicago. And we’ll add more offers here as we find them. Scroll down this page to see the Chicago ticket deal and schedule of the tour dates in other cities.


Performance includes: Wayne McGregor’s sensory feast Chroma, Ronald K Brown’s powerful Four Corners, and Revelations danced to African-American spirituals, song-sermons, gospel songs and holy blues. –Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

NEWARK: Alvin Ailey Ticket Discount

Alvin Ailey Tickets

DEALAlvin Ailey American Dance Theater Discount Tickets — $19 – $44.50 (reg. $39 – $89). Get tickets directly from the deal source (follow the link and sign in by email).
WHEN: May 11, 2014 at 5pm.
WHERE: New Jersey Performing Arts Center/NJPAC-Prudential Hall, 1 Center Street, Newark NJ 07102.

OTHER CITIES: If the deals above sell out, or if you’re looking for Alvin Ailey tickets in other cities, you might ind what you’re looking for here.


Find Tickets

  • April 22-23: Chapel Hill, NC (Memorial Hall)
  • April 25-26: St. Louis, MO (Fox Theater)
  • April 27: Springfield, IL (Sangamon Auditorium)
  • April 29: Utica, NY (Stanley Theater)
  • May 1-4: Boston, MA (Wang Theater)
  • May 10-11: Newark, NJ (New Jersey Performing Arts Center)

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