AMC Movie Ticket Deal: 37% Off

The AMC Movie Ticket Deal is back for a few days via one of the popular event ticket sites. This time the discount is for the AMC Theatres 4-Pack of AMC Gold Experience Tickets for $30 ($48 value). See the fine print for more details.

Stock up on movie tickets for the whole year with this exciting offer that lets you see any showing of any film at any AMC Theatres nationwide for just $7.50, available as a package of four. These AMC Gold Experience tickets are good at any AMC Theatres, AMC Loews, AMC Showplace, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star theatres … The best part? These tickets never expire.


DEAL: AMC Gold Movie Ticket Deal 37% Off — 4-Pack for $30, which is $7.50 each ($48 value).

WHEN: These tickets never expire, but the deal offer does. If you miss the deal, check back later because the deal comes and goes.

WHERE: Valid at any AMC Movie Theater location in the U.S. including AMC Showplace, Loews, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star theatres.


  1. Julie says

    How is this a good deal? Our AMC is $10 a ticket. These are 4 for 30 plus the $4.75–so big deal saving about $5 on 4 tickets.

    • says

      Saving $5 bucks on a movie 4-pack still appeals to plenty of people. But actually, the fee is for the pack not per ticket, so you save $13.25 overall.

      It’s easy to get a little spoiled with all the half off or better deals we have these days. We’re happy to tell you about those, but lots of folks tell us they want more movie ticket deals. So we post those, too. If this AMC movie 4-pack doesn’t appeal to you, wait for a better deal. Or go buy full price tickets. Your choice.

  2. Tim C says

    Michael’s post about bloomspot – I could not find those tickets, after spending 3 min to register and search all SF entries. Perhaps the posting was really a stealth ad ?

    • says

      Bob, the Bloomspot deal expired and was only good for a few days. The current deal will expire shortly, too. But the AMC deals make the rounds, so we’ll try to follow it wherever it goes.

  3. Michael says

    Nice! Just saw another one on bloomspot that’s only $4 for per ticket! Here is the link: [link removed by editor after the deal expired]

  4. Lynn says

    I used to work for AMC theatres way back when. AMC movie tickets don’t expire. At least not in California. Tickets don’t generally have expiration dates on them. The coupons (like for food) did but we took them regardless of the date printed on them. So I still save all my AMC coupons. I tried using them in Texas once but they wouldn’t take it because of the expiration date… however, I was able to use it later in CA where they took it.

  5. mike says

    I couldn’t find any info. regarding the expiration date on the ticket. Once i purchase one, how long can i hold on to it?


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