Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach Aquarium

Three ways to save on Aquarium of the Pacific Tickets from 50% off.

Need a new reason to visit the Aquarium in Long Beach? I’ll give you three: The first male harbor seal pup born at the Aquarium of the Pacific recently joined the rest of the seals and sea lions in the Seal and Sea Lion Habitat. And two Magellanic Penguin chicks that hatched at the Aquarium of the Pacific during the summer just joined the other penguins in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat in September. And besides, where else can you can see more than 550 species of sea life in one 156,000 square foot facility?

If you go, check out my review of Aquarium of the Pacific ticket deals available now from three different sources. Pick the one that works best for you, whether it’s the offer with the best price, a discount coupon code, or the deal with easiest way to purchase. Children under 3 years old always get in free.

Aquarium of the Pacific Long BeachEnjoy the frigid waters of the North Pacific and the colorful reefs of the Tropical Pacific.  Come face-to-face with, and even touch, the ocean’s ultimate predators in Shark Lagoon and hand feed lorikeet birds …   Aquarium of the Pacific

DEAL 1: {BEST PRICE} Aquarium of the Pacific Discount Tickets 50% Off – Best price, but these are for afternoons only (3pm to 6pm) any weekday you want to use them through 2014. (You don’t need to choose in advance). 

  • Adult:  $14 (reg. $28.95) + $4.50 fees.
  • Child:  $7 (reg. $14.95) + $3.25 fees.

DEAL 2: {BEST TIMES} Aquarium of the Pacific Discount Tickets 15% Off — Save $6 — $5 off PLUS an extra $1 off with coupon code LAAP1 at checkout (that last digit is a one, not the letter I). No Fees. No time restrictions. NOTE: Not available from your mobile device. These tickets can be used any day all year — you don’t need to pick a date before you go (go any day). Print at Home tickets are available immediately.

  • Adult:  $23.94 listed, pay $22.95 (reg. $28.95) use code LAAP1.
  • Child:  3-11:  $13.75 listed, pay $12.75 (reg. $14.95) use code LAAP1.
  • Senior 62+:   $21.25 listed, pay $21.25 (reg. $25.95) use code LAAP1.

DEAL 3: The Aquarium offers discounts other ways, like combo passes, military and AAA members.

  • Giant Pacific Octopus and bubble, LRGo Los Angeles and Go Select Los Angeles — These Combo Passes includes Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Save up to 55% on every attraction. With the Go Select card, you can save even if you only choose two LA attractions or activities.
  • Military Discounts — Discounted tickets may be purchased in advance at any MWR/ITT office on base.
  • AAA Discount –You may be able to get 10% off when you show your AAA member card at Aquarium ticket windows. You may be able to get a bigger discount by stopping in at your local AAA office.

WHEN: Open 9am–6pm daily except certain holidays.

WHERE: Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach CA 90802.

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    • says

      The code works, but the last digit that looks like the letter “I” is really the number one. In this font, it looks the same, though. Try again and let us know if it works for you.

  1. scott frank says

    Your advertisement says any day through 2014, but the voucher itself says Monday Through Friday. I’m going now, but thinking they’re not going to honor my purchase.

    • says

      Make sure you are on the Los Angeles page for that deal source. I just checked and they do have the page up with tickets available. But if you’re on the Orange County page, or another city page, the search box won’t tell you.

  2. Esbee says

    Hello, I’m about to purchase the 59% off tickets, but I have a few questions. Is there a time restraint with the ticket? On the info page, it says something about 3pm-6pm. Am I only allowed in the venue during those ties, or are those the times I need to check in to receive my tickets? Or is the “3pm-6pm” a show, & that’s the one I’m allowed to go to? Because it also has faqs on the sidebar saying, “Are these good seats?” “Will my party be seated together?” So, just wondering. :T

    • says

      The 59% off tix do have those stated time restrictions. If you want to go earlier, go for the other deal (not as cheap, but you can go anytime you want). The sidebar faq refers to general offers by the deal source and is not specific to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Don’t worry about those because your tickets are not for a show. You can wander around the aquarium for three hours and do whatever you want.

    • says

      The harbor tour is extra and can be purchased when you get to the Aquarium (not included in any of the deals listed here). Or you can buy the tour as a package on the Aquarium website, but it still costs extra.

  3. Nanabah says

    There are still tickets [to Aquarium Of The Pacific] available and the range is General Adult $13, Child $6, to the end of June. There could be more added later for July. There is a service fee of $3.50 at check out. With the option of printing or picking them up at the aquarium.

    • says

      The $13 deal is still available, but for afternoons only. We added another deal from a different ticket source, not quite as good, but you still save $5 and can go anytime you want. These are the best deals going right now for Aquarium of the Bay in Long Beach.

  4. Russell says

    I love that this page pops up every time you try and find discount tickets for aquarium of the pacific but nowhere do you ever get to purchase 56% off tickets or even discounted tickets

    • says

      I just checked and there are still 56% off tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific. You really do need to sign up first, then you’ll see the page you’re looking for.

  5. Sheila says

    The website I clicked on said there were no discount tix for Aquarium of the Pacific, yet this page says 50% off

    • says

      Actually, the discount tickets for Aquarium of the Pacific from this source just went to 56% off from 50%. Yay! They still have them, I just checked. The link takes you to the sign-in page first. Sign in for Los Angeles, then scroll down the listing, or put “Aquarium” in the search box to find the deal page. This deal is hugely popular, so if tickets do sell out, check back later for updates because more might be added.

  6. Helen E says

    Last shark lagoon night for this season was May 27th. They’re going to start up again in the fall, I believe in September. FYI.

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