AZ Sea Life Aquarium: 30% Off

Discount Tickets Sea Life Aquarium Arizona – 3 Ways to Save.

Sealife AZ Coupon

The Arizona Sea Life Aquarium, in Tempe, offers a few ways to save on admission tickets. The best discounts for 2014 are only available online from two online sources. The perks: you can save 20 to 30 percent, and you can skip the long line, which we think is worth a lot, especially on the weekends. These are limited time offers. This is also a great time to look  into getting a Sea Life Aquarium annual pass. Check out the special offers and details below.

Why go now? Along with the special price, you can check out the new exhibit — Turtle Shelter. This traveling exhibit will be at SEA LIFE Arizona through 2014.

Sea Life Aquarium TurtleTurtle Shelter is a highly themed exhibit that transports visitors into a tree-top cabana where they will be nose-to-nose with some of the most intriguing species of freshwater turtles. Stars of the exhibit include the ancient snapping turtle, red-eared sliders, snake-neck turtles and the leaf-like matamata. The walls are adorned with interactive and educational elements describing the 200-million history of these reptiles.

clown_fishDEAL 1: {Best Price} Arizona Sea Life Aquarium SINGLE DAY TICKET Discount 30% Off – $9 + fees (reg. $13 – $18). You won’t have to choose your date in advance. These are any day tickets, you can download and go tickets.

DEAL 2: {Best Dates} Arizona Sea Life Aquarium SINGLE DAY TICKET Discount 20% Off – Adult $14.40 (reg. $18); Child 3-12 $10.40 (reg. $13). This is a limited time offer directly from SeaLife. You’ll need to choose your visit date in advance.

DEAL 3: {Best Multi-Day} AZ Sea Life Aquarium ANNUAL PASS Deal – Adult (13+) $45 Child $45 (under 2 FREE). You get unlimited entry to SEA LIFE Arizona for 12 months; express entry through fast-track line; 10% off in the Gift Shop; Special events onsite for pass holders, and more.

WHEN: In 2014, open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 7:30pm and Sundays from 10am – 6pm.

WHERE: Arizona Sea Life Aquarium — 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Ste. 145 Tempe, AZ 85282 (northeast corner of Arizona Mills).


REVIEW OF SEA LIFE AQUARIUM: New and notable — Jellyfish Discovery, the largest collection of jellyfish in Arizona. Favorite things to experience at Sea Life are the 360 degree tunnel inside the large aquarium, the interactive rock pool, and the touch pool where you can touch starfish and other sea life. Not to miss: the giant pacific octopus, white tip reef shark, Atlantic ray, green sea turtle, jellyfish (gotta love the jellies), clownfish, lionfish, and sea stars.


  1. heather thomas says

    I was wondering about the Sea Life annual membership. I can’t seem to make the discount show. Can I please have some help


    • says

      The price of the Annual Pass just dropped again to $35 for the off season, with is a pretty good deal. Check it out. (It goes up during peak seasons.)

      [Ah, Heather, you just missed that limited time offer for the annual pass, which is now $10 higher ($45 for the year). Sorry I can't offer help. The annual passes are still a good deal, though -- free entry for 12 months plus express entry through fast-track line.]

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