Big Apple Circus Metamorphosis

Big Apple Metamorphosis tickets

Discount tickets are available from a couple of trusted sources for the new Big Apple Circus Metamorphosis at Lincoln Center in New York City (now playing through January 11 2015), and more deals may be in the works for other cities. The show is new, but the quality is as expected from the friendly folks at Big Apple Circus.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: The Big Apple Circus tent is an intimate theater, which means no seat is more than 50 feet from ringside. The acts bring back the original idea of what a circus should be. Also, the show gets better as it goes, which is great because it runs for two hours, including one intermission. Children under 3 get in free when they sit on your lap. Toddlers better hold on tight, though, because adults may just find the show fall down funny.

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE: Those toddlers on your lap? The clowns aren’t scary, and the acts are appropriate for all ages, but the littlest children sometimes get bored, probably due to the length of the show. The performance is 1 hour and 50 minutes long, including a 15-minute intermission. Older children (5 and older) are most likely to enjoy the show.

This spectacular packs the ring with more thrills, more magic and more animals than ever before. Aerialists will swoop and swirl, horses will parade and trot, and clowns — including the beloved Francesco — will amuse and captivate. Backed by the Big Apple Circus Band, John Kennedy Kane, the circus’ famed ringmaster, keeps things merry and moving …

Big Apple Circus Metamorphosis Ticket Deals

NEW YORK: Big Apple Circus Metamorphosis

DEAL 1: {Best Price} Metamorphosis Discount Tickets — $25 – $57 (reg. $46 – $104). This source requires free sign-in to access this price. Print-and-go vouchers.
: Metamorphosis Discount Tickets — Circus tickets from this source are going for up to 50% off but you have to bid a price. On your first purchase, you can use our coupon code on your first purchase from this ticket source to save even more.
WHEN: October 17, 2014 – January 11 2015.
WHERE: Big Apple Circus Big Top, Damrosch Park, 70 Lincoln Center Plaza New York, NY 10023.
SAVVY TIP: Circus tent is located to the left of the Metropolitan Opera House. Several parking options available, including Lincoln Center Garage. More location info.

 Metamorphosis 2014 – 2015 Schedule

  • Lincoln Center NY — Oct 17 – Jan 11 2015
    • LC Autism-Friendly Shows — Oct 24 – Nov 18 2014
    • LC Holiday Family Benefit — Nov 22 – Nov 22 2014
  • Bridgewater, NJ — Feb 26 – Mar 15 2015
  • Boston, MA — Mar 24 – May 10 2015
  • Queens NY — May 17 – Jun 14 2015

The next time someone says there are no sure things in life, just point to the Big Apple Circus. –The New York Review

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