Big Apple Circus LUMINOCITY: Discount Tickets

Review of Big Apple Circus LUMINOCITY Ticket Deals in Boston, Queens.

Big Apple Circus Discount Tickets

Big Apple Circus LUMINOCITY is delighting audiences of all ages. You have not one but two ways to save on circus performances now in Queens NY.

Big Apple Circus Luminocity

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: The Big Apple Circus tent is an intimate theater, which means no seat is more than 50 feet from ringside. The acts bring back the original idea of what a circus should be. Also, the show gets better as it goes, which is great because it runs for two hours, including one intermission. Children under 3 get in free when they sit on your lap. Toddlers better hold on tight, though, because adults may just find the show fall down funny.

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE: Those toddlers on your lap? The clowns aren’t scary, and the acts are appropriate for all ages, but the littlest children seemed to get bored, maybe due to the length of the show. Older children (5 and older) are most likely to enjoy the show.

Queens: LUMINOCITY Big Apple Circus Ticket Discount

DEAL 1: Big Apple Circus Presents Luminocity Discount Tickets via Goldstar 28% Off.
DEAL 2: LUMINOCITY: Big Apple Circus NY Discount Tickets via ScoreBig 10 to 60% Off.
WHEN: May 18 – June 15, 2014.
WHERE: Big Apple Circus – Cunningham Park, Queens, NY 11364.
SAVVY TIP: Parking is free at the back of the park or on the side street.

REVIEWS: Here’s what the critics are saying about LUMINOSITY.

The next time someone says there are no sure things in life, just point to the Big Apple Circus. –The New York Review

Watch rowdy pups perform amazing tricks, double trapeze artists soaring high above, a bashful clown, an irrepressible flimflam man, and a juggler extraordinaire; teeter-board acrobats flying through the air, a cavalcade of magnificent steeds, and a couple of amazing wire-walkers suspended in mid-air. –Big Apple Circus


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      Katie — I just checked it and it worked for me. Make sure you follow the link for that offer. (It doesn’t work anywhere else). It only works on your first purchase with ScoreBig. If this is the first purchase with them and it still doesn’t work, let me know and I will contact customer service for you.

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