BODIES The Exhibition

Discount Tickets: Atlantic Station Premier Exhibition Center Atlanta.

Bodies the Exhibition Tickets

Half price tickets are available now for Bodies: The Exhibition at Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station in Atlanta for the discounted price of $9.50 – $14 (regular price $16 – $24). This is one of the only ways for the general public to see in detail what is actually happening inside the human body, and what it looks like.

To get tickets at this great price, click the button below to go to the ticket website. After free sign in, you’ll be taken to the Bodies: The Exhibition deal page. Or you can find it in the Atlanta Museums & Attractions category, until the deal is over or tickets sell out. This savvy source specializes in discount tickets to events and activities in the Atlanta area. They work with local venues, like Premier Exhibition Center, to help new customers go out more and try new things.

Bodies ExhibitionBodies: The Exhibition has wowed millions of visitors with its striking collection of anatomical displays that use more than 200 specimens of real human body parts, preserved through an innovative process called polymer preservation. The display begins with the foundation of the body: the skeleton. As you move through the exhibit, more layers are added, showing off in detail the various systems that interact within us. The exhibit also includes some striking educational experiences, including examples of what smoking does to the human body.

Bodies: The Exhibition Tickets

UPDATE: No Longer Available.

DEALBodies: The Exhibition Discount Tickets 41% Off — $9.50 – $14 (reg. $16 – $24).

WHEN: See all date/time info after free sign in. Open Mon-Thur 10am to 5pm; Fri-Sun 11am to 7pm.

WHERE: Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station, 265 18th Street, Atlanta GA 30363.

SAVVY TIP: If you’re bringing kids, ask about the Exhibition’s special children’s audio tour when you get there.

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      You found this page back in my archives section. However, this is a popular touring exhibit, and when a new ticket offer is available, I will update this page and feature it again, so people in other cities can enjoy the exhibit for less.

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