Chicago White Sox Discount Tickets

Save up to 60% on Chicago White Sox Baseball + Promo Code.

MLB Discount Tickets

This is a great time to get Chicago White Sox discount tickets at the best price: up to 60 percent off, with the special ticket offer below. The first deal of the season is very good, with or without the promo code, depending on how early you buy tickets and which dates you pick.

We have other sources posted deals soon, so check back often. Know of a better ticket deal for Sox tickets? Let us know and we’ll post it here.

Find TicketsDEAL: Chicago White Sox Discount Tickets up to 60% Off — All tickets from this source are below box office prices. Plus SavvyCities readers get a choice of two codes to use on this sports discount ticket site (to get you to try our their service for the first time). Go here for my new coupon codes / review of this ticket source.

*Not your first purchase? Use one of their weekly codes and save (not as much but still good).

WHEN: Chicago White Sox home games (and elsewhere).

WHERE: U.S. Cellular Field, 333 West 35th St, Chicago IL 60616.

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