Circus Vargas: 50% Off

Review of Circus Vargas Ticket Deals: Santa Ana, Irvine CA.

Circus Vargas Coupon

Circus Vargas usually offers a few ways to save on tickets. The best ticket deal currently available for their new show Magikaria Extreme is from one of the popular SoCal ticket source. They’re featuring half price tickets in Southern California cities — Santa Ana (April 24 – 28, 2014), and Irvine (May 1 – 19, 2014).

This deal is only available via a half price ticket source that works with Circus Vargas to fill seats and make create circus fans. This popular ticket source, based in SoCal, is one we trust (see links/details below). You won’t need a coupon or promo code for this offer. Simply find the deal for your city, and download a voucher to take to the circus will-call area when you go. We’ve used this ticket source many times and can confidently recommend them.

SAVVY TIP: Show up early for the Free interactive Pre-Show (hosted by Jon Weiss of CBS’ Amazing Race). They will invite kids of all ages into center ring to clown around under the Big Top, with a crash course in  juggling, feather balancing and hula-hooping.

Magikaria Extreme is the latest and greatest spectacular from Circus Vargas. Watch the Human Rocket, Leo Garcia, explode out of a cannon and soar through the air. Witness the mind-boggling illusions of Patrick Gabel. Marvel at the death-defying acrobatics of the Flying Tabares. Get your adrenaline pumping overtime to the roar of the precision-timed motorcycles whipping around the Thunder Globe.

A coupon or promo code won’t be needed (and none is available anyway). Just sign in first with the California half price ticket source (free) to get tickets online. E-tickets available for download. 

Santa Ana: CIRCUS VARGAS Ticket Discount

DEAL: Circus Vargas: Magikaria Extreme Discount Tickets 50% Off – $15 – $21 (reg. $32 – $42).
WHEN: April 24 – 28, 2014.
WHERE: Circus Vargas at MainPlace Shopping Center, 2800 N. Main Street Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Irvine: CIRCUS VARGAS Ticket Discount

DEAL: Circus Vargas: Magikaria Extreme Discount Tickets 50% Off – $15 – $21 (reg. $32 – $42).
WHEN: May 1 – 19, 2014.
WHERE: Circus Vargas at Irvine Spectrum, 115 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618.


    • says

      I just checked, and as of this minute anyway, they have tickets for Monday 12/10 in San Pedro. But I no longer see it on the LA page. Follow the link above and then go to the Inland Empire page. Put “circus” in the search box and you’ll see the offer (until it sells out).

  1. victor palafox says

    Hey i dont see Del Amo discount tickets , they are not here ? how can i get Discount tickets for that location ?

    • says

      Hey Victor — Thanks for your note. You’re right, I left out the link to the Circus Vargas tickets for Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance (so I just added it to the post). This ticket source still has tickets. When they run out, their page for that city will disappear, so I hope you get them quick.

  2. Lizzy3 says

    So is it true that if you were recently laid off you get 4 general admission ticket free with proof that you are laid off?

    • says

      I don’t see any current reference to a laid off discount on the Circus Vargas website. They do show a $5 military discount at the Circus, but it can’t be combined with other discounts.

    • Danny says

      You got to be Kidding me! If you got laid off, Circus Vargas is providing Free Therapy? 4 Free tickets to get your mind off Job Catastrophe’s??

    • says

      No, the discount tickets are only available via the online source mentioned above. The box office may have regular price tickets, but they sell out close to show dates, too, so you’d need to check.

      • brittany says

        Why cant I get any tickets?? I go to the links, signed up with my email and it shows blue man group, but no circus vargas. Even when I type it in the search bar, it says no results for circus vargas.

        • says

          Are you looking on the Los Angeles page? That may be just be defaulting to today’s featured deal. Kind of confusing. But I just entered “Circus Vargas” in their search box and they’re showing tickets for four SoCal cities (with more to come).

    • says

      Estefa, I just checked with the ticket source and they do have a few tickets left for tomorrow’s Circus Vargas show. Follow the link above to sign up for more info and half off tickets.

    • says

      I just followed the link above and saw that the Sunday 6:30 performance of Circus Vargas still has tickets. I’d get them quick if I were you. Sign up by email (free) and you’ll be taken to the page where you can buy tickets for half off. Fees are $4, and you can pick up the tickets at the event’s will-call window, so you don’t need to wait for them in the mail or anything.

  3. Yesenia says

    After u do your purchase you give your credit card info how do u get your tickets for the circus Vargas?

    • says

      For the Circus Vargas half off tickets, you can download a voucher right after purchase and then take it to the venue’s Will-Call window just before the show.

    • says

      Hoang: The times for Circus Vargas in your town are either 12:30pm or 6:30pm for the remaining few performances.

      We don’t list all the times separately here at Savvy Cities because we are not the ticket seller. What we do is search for you and find the best deals from various sources. Then we give you the links to follow for more info (times, etc.) and to get tickets if you want them.

  4. PHUONG VUONG says

    I want to take 3 discount tickets for this weekend at Westminster Mall.
    Can you help me ?

    • says

      The Circus Vargas link above now takes you to the Westminster Circus Vargas discount tickets. Enjoy!

      UPDATE: For readers in Orange County, we just added the same deal for Circus Vargas in Santa Ana and Circus Vargas Irvine.

  5. says

    UPDATE on Circus Vargas 2012 Discount Tickets — the deal is now for Half Off — $12.50 – $20 (reg. $25 – $40) plus $4 fees for the cheap seats, $5 for the better seats. Grab this deal quick for 2012 Circus Vargas dates in SoCal.

      • says

        I just checked the link above to the ticket deal source and found general admission tickets still available for Monday. Senior prices are the same as regular, since this deal is so good for Circus Vargas.

  6. says

    The total price for one ticket should be $17.50 ($15 +$2.50 total order fee). The total fee per order — whether you get one ticket or 4 — is only $2.50 total. Still a great deal, don’t you think? That’s way better than paying per ticket fees at Ticketmaster or any other ticket site, where the fees can be $6 per ticket or more.

  7. s. knott says

    Circus Vargas is offering 4 free general admission tickets to those who have been laid off. You must present either your layoff notice from your company or the stub from your unemployment check when you get your tickets.

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