Gilroy Gardens: Coupon

Gilroy Gardens Coupon

Gilroy Gardens is a unique theme park featuring more than 40 family rides, attractions, and exhibits set among six colorful gardens. Rides and attractions are of the traditional sort, like the Coyote & Redwood Junctions Railroad Train Ride, the Quicksilver Express Mine Coaster, and Rainbow Garden Round Boat Ride. Kids like the Pit Stop Racers; Super Squirter Station, and Tubs-O-Fun (for the smaller kids. Notable: the world famous 50-year-old, one-of-a-kind Circus Trees rescued from Scotts Valley.

WHAT: Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park — Coupons are available throughout the year, sometimes on their own website.

COUPONS: Go to They’re currently showing a $20 off coupon for weekdays and a $15 off coupon for weekends.

WHEN: Gilroy Gardens coupons have various expiration dates.

WHERE: Gilroy Gardens, 3050 Hecker Pass Hwy (Hwy 152), Gilroy, CA 95020.

SAVVY TIP: Check out the fun Gilroy Gardens Interactive Park Map.


    • says

      You’ll need to copy and past the link to the Gilroy Gardens coupon in the post to access the coupon. I just highlighted it in blue so it shows up better (but I can’t link to it at this time).

    • maria says

      tha free magazine Out & About has a coupon for 1/2 off admission (up to 6) on weekdays. coupon good till 8/17/12 . Gilroy Gardens family theme park.

  1. SBK says

    Will this deal come back at all??

    DEAL 1: Gilroy Gardens Day Pass Half Off Discount [Expired]

    Do you have any deal for GG Annual pass or Family pass?

  2. stitch says

    hi kat…
    when will you have Deal 3 for 50% off tickets?

    do you have any deal for season passes?

    • says

      Hi Stitch,

      Delays, delays, delays–dontcha hate that? Just talked with the source of this deal, and they say it will be sometime in May, but not this week. I’ll send out an email blast the minute it goes live.


    • says

      Oh no, not again. The Gilroy Gardens coupon has been glitchy. Sometimes it shows as Gilroy Gardens, sometimes it defaults to Great America. It’s not my coupon, so I have no control. But try a gain in a few days, just in case. But the better deal is coming soon. (Something like Half Off from one of our partners.)


  3. says

    Parent — Looks like the “Back to School” deal has morphed into the $15 deal. I’d grab that one now because it’s still a great deal and it expires at the end of October (or sooner — remember, the Back to School deal was originally supposed to last through November!). Thanks for the heads up. I’ve updated the post accordingly. ~kat

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