International Spy Museum: 45% Off

International Spy Museum in Washington, DC — Review of Ticket Deals.

International Spy Museum Discount

The International Spy Museum, in Washington, DC, is the only public museum in the United States that’s all about espionage. You’ll get your secret identity at the door and test your spy savvy throughout the museum’s themed areas and activities.

But first, we had to sleuth out where in the world you can get a great deal on tickets to the museum. The first deal we identified offers the best price. The second deal is for “any day” tickets, so it’s worth a look for days when deal 1 is sold out. Kids under 7 always get in free.

International Spy Museum

See the clues below the blurb, then head over to the International Spy Museum for a fully interactive experience. And when you go, be sure to check out the new James Bond themed exhibit, “Exquisitely Evil.” Note: the regular price of tickets recently went up.

EXQUISITELY EVIL: 50 YEARS OF BOND VILLAINS — “You can meet Bond’s villains, discover their evil schemes and see their exotic lairs and weapons in this special exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Bond films…” –International Spy Museum

DEAL 1: {Best Price} International Spy Museum Discount Tickets — Get tickets online after free email sign up with this deal source. Download and go.

  • Adult/Child — $11 plus $3.75 fees (reg. $23.21)

Also from ticket source #1: International Spy Museum: Spy in the City — Discount Tickets $8 (reg. $15.85). An interactive sightseeing experience, recently updated with a new mission to unravel, the adventure activity now features a sleek Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which you’ll use to decode the clues and audio intercepts needed to uncover the history, landmarks and espionage-related secrets hidden along your one-mile, one-hour-long outdoor mystery tour.

DEAL 2: {Any Day} International Spy Museum Coupon Code — Save $2 + an extra $1 with Coupon Code DCSY1. Price includes all taxes and fees. These are ANY DAY tickets, so you can print and go whenever you like. NOTE: If you’re on a mobile device, this page isn’t available, but deals 1 & 3 are.

Special Offer: ONE CHILD ADMITTED FREE WITH EACH eTICKETED ADULT. Offer applies to tickets purchased from this source only (follow the deal 2 link above) and must be used by 12/31/14.

  • Adult — $18.95 with the code, no fees (reg. $23.21)
  • Child ages 7-11 — $12.75 with the code, no fees (reg. $15.81)

DEAL 3: {Easiest + Any Day} International Spy Museum Discount Tickets — Print-and-Go “Any Day” tickets via our own travel pages.

  • Adult (ages 12-64)  $21.95 (reg. $23.21)
    Child (ages 7-11) $13.95 (reg. $15.81)

International Spy Museum Tickets: Washington DC

WHERE: International Spy Museum, 800 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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    • says

      matt — That means the source for that deal (deal 1) is out of tickets for tomorrow. Try the other deal source (Deal 2). They sell “Any Day” tickets. A little more than deal 1, but you’ll still save.

  1. says

    I’m not sure where you’re seeing blackout dates. I just checked all three of the offer websites, and also the full price tickets at the Spy Museum website, and all are currently available for July 5 (although they may sell out soon without notice).

  2. rosie says

    Hi, I’m trying to buy option 1, When I get to the checkout and put in the DCSY1 code for the extra $1 off per ticket, it does not acknowledge it, it did yesterday, why is that, also I can use these tickets any day I wish correct, no expiration?

    • says

      Hi Rosie — Thanks for asking. I asked my contact at the deal 1 source (Trusted Tours) and it turns out there is a glitch in their system and they’re trying to fix it now. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, you can try one of the others deals, which are all from different sources. If you did get your tickets via Trusted Tours without the code working, let me know and I will see it they can give you the discount anyway. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, you can either wait a bit until they fix the problem, or try the workaround. Here’s what I’ve been told:

      I have our team looking at it. I confirmed that when you put it in, it does not register on the checkout page. However, when you go back out to the store and then back into our checkout, it registers. It is very strange and we will have to take a look. I apologize for the inconvenience and will hopefully have it fixed ASAP.

    • says

      Okay I just got word that the code glitch is fixed! Thanks for your patience. If anyone had trouble again, please let me know (and I will kick some more butt over there for you).

      • rosie says

        Thank you Kathy. Fixed and purchased! Every bit helps when there are 7 of us doing 3 city tours!
        I’m going to look at all the other offers too, not just for DC, but Philly, and NYC too!
        Thank you for your prompt attention in replying and resolving my issue.

        • says

          Paula — I just heard back from Trusted Tours about the coupon code for International Spy Museum. They say it is working and sent me a screenshot to show successful purchases with the discount deducted. Maybe you could try again? Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Celesse Ashburn says

    I keep trying to purchase Deal 1 and it states that the spy experience ticket can be purchased for $8 to add on to the $10 deal. When I try to purchase both it allows me to do the $10 not the $8 and sends me to the screen for my credit card and buy now. How do I purchase both tickets at the discounted price?

  4. Barry says

    Disappointingly, the first deal site does not allow same day ticket purchases for the Spy Museum. Why are same day ticket purchases not available? Regarding Option 2, your description says that children 17 and under pay $14.95 including fees but the site selling the tickets defines children as 11 and under. Which is it? If your description is wrong how long have you known? Do you get compensated by the number of clicks?

    • says

      Barry — Thanks for pointing out the child age change at the Spy Museum. I have updated it on the post. Since I don’t work for the museum or either of the deal sources, they don’t bother to tell me the minute they make changes. And no, I don’t get compensated by the click for anything I write about here on Savvy Cities. With a suspicious mind like yours, though, you’d be a natural at digging up clues in the spy challenge. If you go, let us know how you like it.

  5. jillynyc says

    I’m trying to link to the tickets in DEAL #1 but keep getting sent to a page to see the jacksons unity tour. Any secret ways to get to that page with the discount tickets for the museum? thanks

    • says

      Yes. Put “spy” in the search box to pull up both International Spy Museum deals from this source. This deal source has tickets now (I just checked), but they often change the page when they have to restock, and then the link defaults to their featured deal of the day. Annoying, I know, but what can you do. Hope you find it and get tickets because it’s an amazing museum.

  6. Randy Wilson says

    I tried signing up for the Goldstar service and they didn’t have any tickets for any events whatsoever. Is it even a real site? Or is it just a way of collecting e-mail addresses for a spam company?

    • says

      Seriously, all you have to do is follow the link above and you’ll be taken to the correct site. If you tried to type the link in yourself, you might have been taken to the wrong site. But I can assure you, Goldstar is a legitimate ticket source. In fact, they’re amazing. People who would love to go out more without breaking the bank just love it. I guess it’s a well kept secret if you haven’t heard of them before. Sometimes, though, you’ll get redirected to their page for Today’s Featured Deals, which may not be what you’re looking for. So just click “Find Events” and scan the complete list of available half price event deals.

  7. Carmen fernandez says

    I am taking a group of 53 students and 6 teachers including me, Iwould like to visit the Museum on April 25
    And have the 52% offered. Is it possible?
    Please anwer asap.

    • says

      Good news! More discount tickets (52% off) to the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. are now available from the half price ticket source featured here on, so you can get the number of tickets you wanted if you act soon before they’re gone. I hope all your teachers and students have a wonderful time!

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