King Tut Exhibit: Discounts, Deals, Coupon Codes

The popular exhibit Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs is making the rounds, and we’re scoping out the coupon codes and discounts for this hugely popular exhibit in our Savvy Cities.

This National Geographic exhibition features more than 100 priceless treasures. The exhibition begins with an introductory film – an overview of King Tut’s world narrated by award-winning actor Harrison Ford and produced by National Geographic. (See video below.)

takes you back 5,000 years in time and explores what it was like to live like a pharaoh through the “Golden Age,” when Egypt was at the height of power and artistry. The exhibition spans 2,000 years and some of the most notable leaders of ancient Egypt. More than 100 artifacts from the tombs and temples of King Tut, his ancestors and contemporaries bring this rich history to life.

UPDATE: Offer no longer available.

DEAL 1: King Tut Exhibit Seattle Amtrak Discount — Travel Amtrak to the King Tut Exhibit in Seattle and save $2.50 on anytime tickets for admission.

DEAL 2: King Tut Seattle Exhibit AARP Member Discount — AARP members get $3.50 off all regularly priced tickets, at any time. Limit of four tickets per member.

DEAL 3: King Tut Seattle Exhibit Group Rate — Save $5 when you round up 10 of your friends and their kids, your club members, or school and buy tickets as a group.

WHEN: Over.

WHERE: Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109.

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  1. Kaia says

    The only way you can get a AAA discount is by having a CODE from AAA as well as your card, and it’s good all day Mon-Thurs but only after 5pm on Fri-Sun. With the Costco vouchers you don’t have to reserve online, but you can. The vouchers aren’t good on holiday weekends (which are listed on the voucher iteself), but that’s the only restriction that I know of. All the tickets are dated & timed.

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