MLPS Wine Tasting Event

The fall City Pages Wine Tasting event, at International Market Square in Minneapolis (September 30, 2011), features more than 200 wines, including some of the best domestic and imported wines available at metro area MGM locations. The event also provides live music and light appetizers. Want discount tickets? Follow the links below.

“Sip fine wines while listening to fine music at The City Pages Wine Tasting party presented by MGM at International Market Square. The tasting features samples of many varietals, with choices available from a large array of domestic and imported wines …”

DEAL: 2011 City Pages Wine Tasting Event, Discount Tickets 50% Off. UPDATE: Offer Sold Out.

HOW: Sign in free HERE (just email and city) to access the discount page and buy tickets online.

WHEN: September. Check back later for next year’s deals.

WHERE: International Market Square, 275 Market Street, Minneapolis, MN 55405.


Wish You Were Here -- Join the Fun.

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