Monster Jam: 50% Off

Monster Jam Ticket Deal

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam has been rolling a path of destruction in 2014 in several U.S. cities. Now you can experience the upcoming Monster Jam competitions. Monster Jam is a fun family event whether you’re into cars and trucks or not. The stunts they pull are unbelievable. Who knew trucks could do that? Okay, you knew, and that’s why you want tickets. Well alright. These offers won’t be around long, so check now before they’re gone.

Advance Auto Parks Monster Jam: The biggest names in the sport, including Grave Digger driven by Chad Tingler, Spider-Man driven by Bari Musawwir, Shock Therapy driven by Jon Zimmer, Excaliber driven by Kevin Kasala and Predator, Prowler, and Titan driven by Donald Epindendio, are scheduled to tear up the track with breathtaking stunts, racing, freestyle competition and motor sports action for the whole family.

RALEIGH: Monster Jam Tickets

DEAL 1: Monster Jam Promo Code — Save $50 on your first ticket purchase of $110 or more with this discount ticket source. Or bid a price and use coupon code SAVVY15 for an extra 15% off. All tickets are below box office prices.
DEAL 2: Monster Jam Discount Tickets in Raliegh Discount Tickets 50% Off – Offer code TMN241 gets you one ticket free when you select 2. (The link takes your to the Monster Jam offer page on Ticketmaster).
DEAL 3: Monster Jam Discount Tickets in Raliegh Discount Ticket 4 Pack – Get one ticket free out of four with this Me+3 offer, no code needed (just follow the link to the Monster Jam deal page). 
WHEN: April 11 – 12, 2014. 
WHERE: TPNC Arena, 1400 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607.

MOBILE: Monster Jam Tickets

DEAL 1: Monster Jam Discount Tickets in Mobile Discount Tickets 50% Off – Offer code TMN241 gets you one ticket free when you select 2. (The link takes your to the Monster Jam offer page on Ticketmaster).
DEAL 2: Monster Jam Discount Tickets in Mobile Discount Ticket 4 Pack – Get one ticket free out of four with this Me+3 offer, no code needed (just follow the link to the Monster Jam deal page). 
WHEN: April 11 – 12, 2014. 
WHERE: Mobile Civic Center Arena, 401 Civic Center Dr, Mobile, AL 36602.

SAVVY TIP: FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2 will telecast Monster Jam® Events in 2014.

OTHER CITIES: Monster Jam tickets are available in other cities, too. You may find some of them on this  Ticketmaster Monster Jam page. No deals are showing as of this writing, but you can try code TMN241 for 2 for 1 tickets for some cities, or TMNTX for a small discount. Some cities will have a 4 Pack deal (look for the “Me+3″ offer, no code needed).


Find Tickets

  • April 11,12,13: Ocala FL (Bubba Raceway Park)
  • April 11-12: Mobile AL (Mobile Civic Center Arena)
  • April 11-2: Lincoln NE (Pinnacle Bank Arena)
  • April 25-26: Bismarck ND (Bismarck Civic Center)
  • May 17-18: Moline IL (iWireless Center)
  • June 14: East Rutherford NJ (MetLife Stadium)
  • June 21: Foxborough MA (Gillette Stadium)
  • July 13: West Lebanon NY (Lebanon Valley Speedway)



  1. Truitt says

    Short notice but hoping to take my kids to the show in Pensacola. Is anyone aware of a code? Thanks!

  2. charmaine says

    Are there any discount codes for the February 22 show in Oakland would love to take my family of four. Thanks everyone.

  3. Jennifer M says

    Trying to get the 2 for 1 to work for Pittsburgh for 2/14 for a few days now. It says code accepted and when I chose 2 for 1, I would think my total should be around $40 instead of $80. How do you get this to work?

    • says

      Tiffany — The deal for Monster Jam in Rosemont, IL is a 4 Pack (1 ticket free), so no code is needed. Just follow the link and look for the Me+3 offer. If you can’t use the 4-Pack, you can save $5 with code FS24.

    • says

      melanie and mike — Not a good one. But it looks like code FS24 will get you $5 off in Jacksonville. You can also get a $5 off coupon at participating Metro PCS stores. The Dairy Queen coupon is for a free pit party pass. You need to pick up the coupon at a participating Dairy Queen.

  4. Katie says

    I would really like to get 2 tickets to the Roanoke Monster Jam show but I can’t find any promo codes that work. I’ve never been before. Do you have any codes that work? Thank you!

  5. David says

    Does anyone know the IHOP promo code for the Chattanooga show on Feb 8?

    The FS24 code takes $5 off the cheap ticket but I was going to try and use 2 promo codes.

    Any other promo codes working for the Chattanooga show?

  6. jeremy says

    Went ahead and purchased the tickets for Miami. Used the MetroPCS code of FS24 for $5 off each ticket in select sections.

  7. Mike says

    Anyone have the code for Jacksonville Fl Monsterjam? Looks like there is a dairy queen code but can not find it. Thanks.

    • says

      Anna — Monster Jam in Macon has a 2 for 1 code for Ticketmaster. It’s already on the list, just after Florence. Follow the link to the page and you’ll see where to apply the code.

  8. Jeremy says

    Any deals for Miami on the 8th, besides the $5 coupon from MetroPCS? Was hoping they would offer one of those 50% off deals since it’s a large stadium with alot of seats still available.

    Also, do they post deals last minute? Trying to decide when to purchase and how long to wait for deals. lol

    • says

      Amanda — there are a couple of codes for Monster Jam in Providence. Make sure you click the appropriate link to each deal. (One is for ScoreBig and the other is for Ticketmaster.)

    • says

      Phil — I had Monster Jam Tampa ticket deal posted, but they sold out so I removed it from the list. Not as good, but if anyone is interested in the $5 off code, I can email it to you (I’m not permitted to post it as it comes directly from the producers). Also, I’m not sure which locations it’s good for, but you can try.

  9. Meghan Holbrook says

    Is there a discount for monster jam in Indianapolis on Jan 25th? Or do you know where I can get military rate? Im active duty and my husband works with the state for INDOT. We want to take our boys.

  10. Jill says

    Are there any discount codes for San Diego? The event is tonight and I’d love to take my 2 boys but the cheapest tickets are $25/person. :(

    • says

      Sal — Yes you can purchase 3 tickets with the 241 code, but it’s a little tricky.
      1. Select QTY 2 (or 4 works, too). Choose your ticket type, Price & Section. Click “find tickets.”
      2. Click “got an offer code.” Put in the code and see the success message.
      3. Click “more tickets from this venue.”
      4. Go back up the page and select QTY 1 (whatever type you want). Click the “search again” button.
      5. See the new subtotal. Click “buy tickets.” And go from there.

  11. Kelly says

    Are their any codes for the February show in Pittsburgh, PA? I had a code for $5 off adult ticket from my children’s entertainment book but it’s not working. Thanks!

  12. Sal says

    I’d really like to go see the anaheim show, I want two tickets with pretty good seats but I can’t figure out the codes for it. None seen to work for me on ticketmaster and it’s not on scorebig

  13. Matt says

    I am looking to use the SAVVYCITIES50 code for Denver. How do I use it. I put it in the Monster Jam site and it says it’s not valid.

    • says

      That code works on a different ticket site. (We feature several different sources for these deals.) Follow the link posted for that offer (or just go here to the Scorebig Monster Jam page). You’ll see the welcome message with the $50 off discount. Make sure your total purchase is $110 or higher and that it’s your first purchase with ScoreBig. (If not you can still get a discount, but you’d need to bid a price.)

  14. Tami says

    Any discounts for Milwaukee or Rockford? Milwaukee is this weekend and looks like lots of tickets available. Can’t believe they aren’t offering something.

  15. Marc says

    If you use the promo code “kicks” for the Atlanta, GA show on 1/11/14 you can get upper level tickets for $10 + $5.95 service fee instead of $28 regular price. The promo area is really hidden on the ticketmaster page, you’ll see a text link below the ticket search that says “Got an Offer Code?” and when you you click it can enter the code “kicks”.

    • says

      Andrea — No deals anywhere for Monster Jam in Atlanta. If there was one early on, it’s gone now. There isn’t even a offer code box on the Georgia Dome Ticketmaster page. Must be a really popular event in ATL. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  16. Becca says

    Would love a code for Monster Jam in Kansas City MO Feb. 7-82014…. Need 5 tickets ? It’s for my kids and little brother’s birthday….. Family trip on a budget. Lol

    • says

      Yes, Renee, unfortunately the code just expired for Worcester, and they haven’t added another other deals for that location. Neither have the other ticket sources. I’ll keep checking and add any new deals here. (Just edited that location above to show Worcester code expired.)

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