New York City’s Best Cruise Deals

NY Cruise Deals

NYC Cruise Deals and Discounts.

New York City cruise deals are a savvy way to spend some time taking in the city sights away from the city streets. Here’s a roundup of NY cruises with discounted prices. The deal source for the first part of the list is for the best deal on price but requires free sign in. The bottom half of the list is from a different source, based in New York, and may have the most tickets available.

These New York cruise deals feature a variety of experiences, from Champagne cruises to dining and dancing, brunch, happy hour, sunset, romantic, sightseeing, holiday, skyline, and even architecture cruises.

No matter which cruise you pick, you can enjoy wandering around the ship, talking to the captain, relaxing and listening to the music, all while saving around half off the regular ticket price. Take along a warm layer and don’t forget your camera.

NY Cruises – Best Discount Prices

NOTE: Some of the cruise deals below are for the same cruises listed above but from a different ticket source, so you can compare prices and times available. 

Discount Tickets » Yacht Manhattan

Discount Tickets » Clipper City Tall Ship

Discount Tickets » Hornblower Yachts – New York Pier 40

Discount Tickets » Hornblower Yachts – New York Pier 15

Discount Tickets » Bateaux New York

Discount Tickets » The Spirit of New York

Discount Tickets » Yacht Kingston

Discount Tickets » New York Water Taxi at Pier 16

Discount Tickets » New York Skyports Fleet

More NY Cruises (Many dates available)

This ticket source offer deals with a low hassle factor and many dates available. However, you may find a better price with the discount source above.

 Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise

Spirit Of New York Cruise DealGrab a cocktail and a close-up look at New York’s city lights and historic sights. This is one of the more popular activities in NYC.
Save more than 20%. See prices from $100.

World Yacht Dining Cruises

Spectacular views of New York City, including the Statue of Liberty, plus an elegant dining experience aboard a world class yacht.
Save up to $85. See prices from $113.

Hornblower’s Manhattan Dinner Cruise

Escape Manhattan’s massive crowds but still see and celebrate NYC’s landmarks. Hornblower is one of the bigger cruise company with many cruises available. Scroll down this page for other Horblower cruises from a different source, with possibly better prices.
Save more than 10% From $124.

Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise

NY Cruise DealsThe sights and City skyline, of course, but this cruise lets you see it in style, from the elegant interior of an all-glass, European-style Bateaux New York ship.
Save 20%. See prices from $142.

World Yacht Brunch Cruise

Brunch with Lady Liberty. La de da. Enjoy a touch of elegance on this leisurely Sunday afternoon cruise.
Save more than 15%. See prices from $66.

Shearwater Champagne Brunch Sail

Shearwater NY CruiseThe Great Gatsby’s got nothing on you. Sip champagne and nibble on lox as you sail past the Manhattan skyline aboard this Gatsby-era Newport-style schooner.
Save 10%. See prices from $86.

Shearwater Wine Tasting Sail

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy this Wine Tasting Sail past the sights of the city. Everything looks better through a white, red, or rosé glow.
Save 10%. See prices from $86.

Clipper City Craft Beer Tasting Sail

NYC Clipper City sailingMore of a beer guy or gal? The Clipper City Craft Beer Tasting Sail could be more your style. Banter about the art of the brew, and take in a little hops dogma you want on the harbor.
Save more than 10%. See prices from $65.

World Yacht Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise

Short term offer for your last minute Mother’s Day plans. Sail the waters with a complimentary mimosa in your hand. Enjoy a mom-lovers’ brunch buffet and spectacular views of Manhattan.
Save more than 15%. See prices from $66.

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