Franklin Institute Exhibit: One Day in Pompeii Tickets 50% Off

Ancient Roman Artifacts Preserved in Magma at Franklin Institute’s Pompeii Exhibit.

One Day in Pompeii Franklin Institute

Discount tickets for “One Day in Pompeii” at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA, are on sale now for half price from one top ticket source. The exhibit describes life in that city at the time it was obliterated by volcanic fury in 79 A.D. The artifacts offer a peek into the daily life and tragic end of this Ancient Roman city.

To take advantage of this special ticket offer, you’ll need to sign in (just email and zip) with the source of this offer. A coupon or promo code isn’t necessary. Just show your email receipt and your ID at The Franklin Institute’s will-call area when you go. General admission to The Franklin Institute is included in the ticket price. Admission is free for children 2 and younger.

Time travel back to the height of the Roman Empire and discover the lost city of Pompeii, which was buried under volcanic ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Bringing together over 175 naturally preserved artifacts, The Franklin Institute’s One Day in Pompeii exhibit lets you experience everyday life as it was almost 2,000 years ago. Among the relics preserved by magma are full-body casts of the volcano’s victims, gladiator armor, Roman coins, religious altars, wall-sized frescos, marble statues, jewelry and more. You can even experience Vesuvius’ catastrophic eruption for yourself during an immersive CGI recreation, complete with shaking floors and rumbling walls.

DEAL: One Day in Pompeii at Franklin Institute Discount Tickets – $13.75 (reg. $27.50).  Deal includes admission to all interactive exhibits at The Franklin Institute’s (all three floors). Follow the link for more info and tickets directly from for offer source.

WHEN: Exhibit runs now through April 27, 2014.

WHERE: The Franklin Institute, 222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia PA 19103.

 SAVVY TIP: Check out the video below where “One Day In Pompeii” Creative Director Mark Lach talks about the exhibit.


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      Sandra — Just follow the blue link to the offer source. Their website was down briefly, but you might try it again. You’ll need to sign in with them to get this price. Then you can download and go.

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      Christina — For a deal like this, you usually need to get your tickets a few days in advance because they’re really popular and sell out fast. If you really want to go today, you can find full price tickets online at the Franklin Institute website Pompeii exhibit page here:

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