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Review + Deals: J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan in Threesixty.

Who doesn’t love a good retelling of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. But I think this one is the best I’ve seen. My husband and I went to see this production when it was in San Francisco, and we were HOOKED. I’m happy to report that this popular production of Peter Pan is making the rounds again. And I’m rounding up the ticket deals for you, with upcoming performances so far in the Washington DC area (McLean, VA), and then on to Houston and Dallas, Texas in 2015.

The touring show features well-presented 360-degree CGI theatre imagery, so you feel like you’re soaring over 200 square miles of virtual London and on to Neverland along with Tinkerbell, Peter and Wendy. Delightful puppetry produces a scary-amusing crocodile, Nanna the dog, and other creatures. The aerial acts and computer generated visuals take the experience to another dimension. Check it out in the video trailer below.

I think you’ll find the show unique and fun for adults and kids alike (but maybe a little scary for the littlest ones). Both earnest and at times tongue-in-cheek funny, this is live theatre at it’s best and good special effects in a state-of-the-art theatre tent. The stage is set up as a theater in the round, so you see the visuals all around you. More importantly, that means the theater has no bad seats, except possibly the very front row.

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“Peter Pan” | McLean

1431736300-920x520PPjpgp1.jpeg360-Degree Peter Pan: Immersive, High-Flying Hit Discount tickets for Peter Pan at Threesixty Theatre at Tysons Corner in McLean, VA, are available now with this special offer. Fly off to Neverland with the Darling children in this innovative, fully immersive production of Peter Pan, which The Boston Globe called “truly jaw-dropping.” Held in the one-of-a-kind Threesixty Theatre located at […]

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  • June 24 – Aug 16, 2015: WASHINGTON DC (Tysons Corner Center)
  • Sept 9 – Nov 1, 2015: HOUSTON, TX (4747 Southwest Fwy)
  • Nov 11, 2015 – Jan 3, 2016: DALLAS, TX (Downtown Dallas Arts District)


“A visually dazzling, London-born production of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan.” — Wall Street Journal

“Dazzling! Peter Pan marries theater, circus and digital camera work into a marvelously inventive thrill ride. If this is how it feels to be whisked off to Neverland, count me in.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“An ambitious hybrid of live theatre, aerial arts, pupperty, and supremely advanced computer generated visuals.”
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“threesixty Entertainment hit on a fabulous idea. They have a beautiful, strikingly intimate tent, surrounded by upscale environs with a surprisingly charming urban ambiance. When Peter Pan is up in the air, you can see mouths falling open all around at William Dudley’s visuals.”
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“A panoramic pleasure.” — Boston Herald

“A THRILLING new production, it feels as if we are flying, the effect of the 360-degree projections is truly JAW-DROPPING.” — Boston Globe

“Celebrates the magic and the message of the story that’s true to Barrie’s vision yet still ultimately joyous, playful and uplifting. Above all, this Peter Pan is grandly and unabashedly theatrical.” — Orange County Register

“Enough spectacle and aerial acrobatics to compete with any Cirque show.” — LA Times

“Spectacular and highly entertaining. My grandchildren were delighted.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“A splendid combination of polished performance, new technology and good old fashioned stage-craft.” — Santa Rose Press Democrat

“Transports the audience to a virtual Neverland. An awfully big adventure.” — Bay Area News Group

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  1. Sandy says

    Do you know of any codes that can be used for this Saturday’s matinee? The MANIA one does not. Thanks.

      • says

        Hey folks, the link to the new Peter Pan discount tickets ($30 off) are for any tickets, any available days, and you don’t need a promo code to get it. Just follow the link, sign in, choose the number of tickets. Enjoy the performance! (We did.)

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