Quadrille: Music, Drama, Horses

Quadrille discount tickets are available at half off, and if you’re quick you can even get them for free (and just pay a small processing fee). Free carriage rides are available after the show. Quadrille, now at Noble Horse Theatre in Chicago (through September 27, 2011) features daring Cossack trick riders, dazzling swordplay, exciting gypsy riders, and magnificent white stallions.

“Returning to the year 1804, Napoleon’s Europe, this live performance features majestic white Lipizzaner and Andalusian horses performing with exciting Cossack trick riders from around the world. Quadrille is a spectacle of strength and beauty showcasing the noble horse in all its splendor. The production elegantly combines riding art, music, drama and dance.”

DEAL: Quadrille – Discount Tickets FREE – $12.50 (reg. $18 – $25). Sign up by email first (free) to access the deal and get tickets.

WHEN: Now through September 27, 2011.

WHERE: Noble Horse Theatre, 1410 N. Orleans Chicago, IL 60610.

SAVVY SUGGESTION: Stick around after the show when the riders bring the horses to meet the audience. Bring a few carrots to feed the horses if you like.


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