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SCOREBIG REVIEW: One of the most original discount ticket sources to enter the market is ScoreBig — a ticket site that works a bit like Priceline but for sports, entertainment, and attraction tickets. All their tickets are discounted up to 60 percent off. And now that I’ve tried them, and met them face to face, I’m happy to report that they’re offering SavvyCities readers the best deals around with exclusive Savvy coded valid for any tickets on their entire site, just to get you to try them out. Once you have signed up, they’ll send you new codes, usually weekly. I’ll update some of those here so anyone can use them.

ScoreBig Coupon Code

SAVVYCITIES20 = $20 off $100 or more (first order) Go Here. Use promo code at checkout and save. (Should be automatically applied if you use my link.)

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Here’s how it really works. First, some seats always go unsold, so offers like this help fill them. Second, in case  you were wondering, these are all below the price printed on the tickets. They’re not last minute tickets either, so you can buy well in advance and have a better choice of seats. And third, the codes provide an even better deal.

So yes, I recommend them, with a few caveats. See likes and dislikes below. With ticket deals like these, you might be wondering if ScoreBig is a scam or legit. I’ve been watching ScoreBig since they entered the marketplace a few years ago.

I wondered if they would make a good fit for Savvy Cities readers looking for fun things to do on the cheap. Turns out, they are very legit and a nice addition to the discount ticket market. Ticket sellers like the bidding model because it keeps the lowest price of their tickets a secret. Buyers like the ScoreBig model because every ticket is below retail, and the customer service is quite good.


  1. All ScoreBig Tickets are below box office priced tickets selling for 10% to 60% off.
  2. They’re service is free to use — all you need to do in sign up for it.
  3. Once you sign up, you can opt in to receive new codes for members.
  4. Bidding is easy. You just pick your price, and every ticket is less than retail.
  5. They’ll let you know immediately if your bid is accepted or not. And they’ll tell you what other people have saved on similar tickets.
  6. If you lowball and your bid isn’t accepted, they’ll offer you a counter, but your credit card won’t be charged.
  7. You don’t have to settle for the cheap seats. All seat sections are represented. You’ll know by the star ratings, from 1 to 6 stars. See 5 or 6 stars? You’ll get great seats.
  8. Tickets available well in advance so you can plan ahead. Want those popular NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL sports tickets, or Cirque du Soleil, Disney On Ice, or Concert tickets? We check Scorebig first. But get yours early and snag a deal on great seats before they sell out. Supplies may be limited at these prices.
  9. No fees, no shipping charges. Ticket delivery is always free, via e-ticket, will-call, or parcel service.
  10. Choices. Approximately 700,000 tickets are discounted for sports, all types of shows, and even concerts.
  11. You get great customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. (Yes, real people respond right away.)


  1. They get their tickets from a variety of sources, which means delivery method. Sometimes you just want tickets now and you have to wait for delivery.
  2. Although they give you plenty of bidding hints, you won’t know for sure how low tickets will go for. You have to take your chances. (I find it easier and less risky than Priceline, though, because it’s only entertainment, not the family vacation.)
  3. You have to enter your contact information before you can see either the coupon code box or whether your bid has been accepted.
  4. If your low bid isn’t accepted, you must wait 24 hours to bid again (unless you accept their counter offer).
  5. Sometimes the tickets are only available in groups of 2, 3, or odd numbers. Two is usually no problem. But sometimes you can only buy three tickets at a time. I find this most inconvenient. But at least there’s an affordable option. And who knows, maybe three at the discount rate is less than two full price.

 WANNA TRY? Go HERE and use one of the codes above for the best ScoreBig discount currently available.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation, freebies or gifts to tell you about this company. I may receive a small commission on some purchases made via the exclusive SavvyCities codes. Customers are never charged more and there are no fees added, ever. 

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  1. says

    UPDATE: To avoid confusion, please not the the comments below are for previous codes that are no longer valid. Read the post above where the current codes are regularly updated.

  2. Roland says

    Hi, I was reading this post from a conversation earlier (below), and had a question!

    “Kim, Scorebig will take 40% off the box office price of the tickets. So yes, you should bid 40% below the regular price. Or, bid 50% off. You just might get it. If you bid 50% below the max price, and use the SAVVY40 code, you will be guaranteed to get at least that much off. But you still might get more, depending upon the particular tickets at any given time.”

    I am having problems with the bidding. I’m trying to bid at 50% below max price and use the SAVVY40 code, but whenever I do so I get this message, “Sorry, SAVVY40 does not apply. The total full price of your tickets is below the minimum of 40%.” I am bidding at exactly 50% which it sounded like should be fine, but for some reason it is giving me this message.
    Any feedback on why or how I can fix this?

    • says

      Roland — Sorry you’re having trouble with the ScoreBig SAVVY40 code. Since I answered the previous commenters question, they have changed the code to only work if you bid no more than 40% off, and only up to $300 total (new customers only), as it now says at the top of my post. You will always find the most current code and instructions for use at the top of this page.

      Actually the SAVVY40 code, and all ScoreBig % off codes everywhere, are going away at the end of the week (until further notice). So if you want to use it, bid exactly 40% off.

      Or, get $50 off (for anything over $110) with code SAVVYCITIES50. That code is good until February 2014 (or maybe longer). You’ll need to use the special SAVVYCITIES link When you do, you’ll see a note about the $50 off and how to get it (no bidding needed, just put in the total price and they will do the math).

      UPDATE: This code is expired now, too. See the new coupon key in the post where I will keep the new codes updated.

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