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If your family liked the original ogres in the Oscar-winning DreamWorks film, you’ll get a kick out of them on stage in Shrek The Musical. The musical features a score of new songs, dancing, colorful sets, and plenty of shrekish humor.

Ticket discounts are available for March 2015 performances of SHREK in a few locations. One popular deal source has the best deal currently available, all for around half price. Check out the options below.

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ABOUT SHREK THE MUSICAL: If you’re seen the movie, you’re up to speed on the story. But here’s the elevator pitch.

Shrek just wants to be left alone in his beautiful swamp, but exiled fairy tale characters keep showing up on his doorstep. Finally, he agrees to confront the diminutive yet ruthless Lord Farquaad and hopefully regain his privacy. Joined by a wise-cracking donkey, Shrek embarks on a life-changing adventure as an unlikely hero who fights a fearsome dragon and rescues the cursed Princess Fiona. He not only saves the day, but also discovers the value of friendship and realizes true love is more than skin deep.

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