Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discount Tickets

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discount Tickets + Holiday In The Park Deal.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom discount passes have just been updated, so the current deal saves you $23 on single day “any day” tickets that you can print at home. You don’t need to choose your date in advance as you would if you got your tickets on other sites (including Six Flags itself).

This is a special offer is available only via our travel page (see details below) and is valid for 2014 Holiday In the Park, too. No coupon or promo code is needed or even available, despite the obvious box that always shows on every page. Note: kids 2 and under always get in free.

Six Flags Holiday ParkHoliday in the Park 2014 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom — The annual holiday event kicks off November​ 28 when the park turns into a charming winter wonderland. You’ll experience exclusive attractions not available during any other time of the year, including sledding, Christmas carols, and visits with Santa. Plus, view millions of twinkling lights as you soar through the skies on your favorite rides.

Also, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is now open year round on weekends and holidays. And they’ve added a new water ride, the Tsunami Soaker, that looks like loads of fun for all ages. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is Northern California’s top theme park — part wildlife park, part oceanarium, and featuring elaborate roller coasters, more than 40 rides and attractions of all kinds.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discount

Get Discount Tickets

DEAL: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Discount Tickets $23 Off – $41.99 adult or child (reg. $64.99) + $2 fee. Print and Go, even today. These are Any Day tickets (but note the expiration date). No coupon or promo code needed. Fees are only $2 per ticket compared to $8.99 fees on the venue site.

six flags holiday2NOTE: The above-mentioned tickets are valid for general admission during Holiday In The Park, and are valid for everything in the park November 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015.

WHEN: These tickets are valid for any day you want to use them today through the rest of the year. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2014 season — Please note that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom open days/hours of operation change throughout the year, so please verify that the park is open when you are planning your visit.

WHERE: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 1001 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo, CA 94589.

SIX FLAGS DISCOVERY KINGDOM COUPON CODE INFO: No coupon needed for any of these deals.

OTHER WAYS TO SAVE: Go Select San Francisco Card gets you the best deal now for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (usually 15% to 30% off) when you select two or more activities or attractions, including Discovery Kingdom. Play with your choices to see your savings while we wait for the deals below to update. More about Go City cards and other Bay Area attraction passes here.

COMPARE: Six Flags online charges $8.99 for processing plus a small city fee, making their tickets more expensive (fees for our deals are only $2). The park sometimes run deals directly, but with their fees even their cheapest tickets cost more than the deals listed above. Why can we offer them for less? Because our travel source works out this deal with Six Flags for visitors staying at SF Bay Area hotels. But you don’t need to stay at a hotel to qualify — you just need to follow our links. Bonus: with our offer you don’t need to pick your visit date in advance because these are “any day” print-at-home tickets. So if you change your mind you can use them another day.

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    • says

      Great question. There really is no difference, except the the Fright Fest tickets expire sooner. The savvy thing to do would be to purchase the Any Day Six Flags Tickets (which you can use later if you don’t end up going during FF), and then purchase the mazes wristband separately if you want. BTW, I called to verify that this is so.

  1. says

    You’re right, Jenni. It looks like those tickets sold out. They may get more of those later on, but I’ll have to ask. In the meantime, I’ll make a note on the post. Thanks for the heads up. I hope one of the other deals works for you.

  2. lynne says

    If I purchase 2 tickets for my son & his friend with my credit card but not going to the park with them, would that be a problem? Also is this website safe and reliable?

    Please advise!

    • says

      lynne — Yes, that will work (I assume you’re taking advantage of the 3 Pack offer). Here’s why: when you order tickets via my links above, on the second page you’ll be asked to put the first and last names of each person in a box. So your son’s friend’s ticket will have his/her name on it. That should get him in whenever he goes. If you’re talking about the single tickets and not the 3 Pack, the same thing applies. (Make sure you provide the right names because tickets are not transferrable.)

      If you want to know at what age kids can go alone without an adult, you’d need to call the park about their policy.

  3. Rohit says

    I used this deal on 30 June and its was amazing. This was bought by my friend on his credit card and I did not face any issues @ gates. Plus the security did not even ask for identity proof.

    Thank you very much for this offer which saved a lot and super fun experience !!!

    • says

      Thanks so much for reporting back. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience.

      People always wonder if this deal is legit because it just sounds too good. But it’s real, and I’m glad for people to know about it.

  4. ralph dietch says

    Ahhh okay you are now lying to people since you did not let my post go. When i clicked the link it was 38$ now after i click it is 41$ but you only want posts that are good for your site. I am so glad i did not fall for this. I need to contact people about this

    • says

      Dear Ralph — Chill out already. Comments are always held for moderation. Otherwise you’d see thousands of spam comments on every post. Yours actually looks a little spammy.

      I’m sorry you were disappointed by the change in price. The price did actually get updated this morning on the single day tickets, and a 3-pack was added at the $38 price, which is still $26 off. These are “any day” tickets which are not available anywhere else. And when you compare prices with fees, there’s no better deal anywhere that’s current. Even when you get tickets directly from the Park, they are more. They charge more in fees, and you have to pick your day.

      But if you think you can do better elsewhere, go for it. I hope you do. Prices always go up eventually, everywhere — just like taxes. That’s why most people jump on these deals right away, if they want them.

    • says

      danny — yes it’s still on, although it was just updated. Single day tickets are $23 off, and now there’s a 3 Pack for $26 off. (You can be any 3 people, doesn’t need to be a family or kids). They are still valid to use any day. Enjoy!

  5. Christine says


    Just wondering – how long does it take for the ticket to process to receive an email in order to print it out?


  6. Kenny says


    I’m planning to buy tickets for my girlfriend and I. I have a photo ID but she lost hers and has no alternative ID. Can she still get in if I’m paying for both with my credit card?


  7. Brandon says

    Hi, I’m a little confused.

    When purchasing the ticket for a friend, I did enter her name when asked, “Who will redeem the voucher?”

    Her name does show up on the confirmation email as an “additional traveler.” However, her name is nowhere on the ticket itself. The ticket only has my name next to the “Purchased by:” field.

    Will there be any issues during ticket redemption?

    Also, I will be there with her to spend the day at Six Flags.

    • says

      Yes, it’s still available — I just checked. Try again. I think you were trying the page just as they were increasing the price slightly, as they do every year at the start of summer. We’re still $26 off the Six Flags full price, though.

    • Ariel says

      I see in the comments below that this deal was until May 26? Is this deal still an option. We are trying to go on July 12. Can we still use this deal today? Is there a deadline for when we can use his deal?

      Thank you.

      • says

        Yes this deal for $26 off is available now. I keep this post updated as offers are added or changed. In may, there was a family pack which is now gone, but this one is the best deal available anywhere now.

  8. Karen says

    This is a great deal – however, you don’t learn until after you complete the purchase and print the ticket that you must present a photo ID when redeeming at the park. I purchased a ticket for my son to go with his friends. I will not be there but it is my name that appears on the ticket. Hopefully, they won’t hassle a 10 year old about a photo ID and honor the ticket! I will be extremely unhappy if he has to buy another ticket to get in because there was no disclosure in the terms and conditions of purchase!

  9. Alicia says

    If you buy these tickets …will they be upgrade able at the park? They usually have a sign saying upgrade your tickets to a season pass. Do they still do that?

  10. Jay says

    The Early Bird ticket offer says ticket valid until May 26, 2014. Does that mean the offer includes that day or is the last day to use it the 25th? If I buy that offer, will I be able to use the ticket on May 26th?

  11. Cassandra says

    Thank you!!! I had to call six flags to double check but yes, it’s LEGIT. It was too good to be true, but in this case it’s true:) thank you so much for posting this deal.

    • Sudip says

      What does the ‘Early Bird’ in the Six Flags Vallejo deal refer to? Do we have to be at the gate at open?

      • says

        Sudip — The Early Bird offer refers to early in the season. So you get the discount because you’re buying your tickets now instead of during their busier time, during the summer. These tickets that you buy today are valid any time you want to use them until May 26, 2014.

    • says

      Cassandra — Yes, this is absolutely legit. People use these e-tickets every day and it’s a good deal. If for some reason someone at the park didn’t recognize your ticket as valid when it is (which is not likely, but maybe if it was there first day or something), I’m sure you would be reimbursed by the ticket service. If you want the specifics, you can call the ticket source’s customer service number: 1-800-313-8056.

    • says

      Michelle — Yes, the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo) ticket deal is still available. Sometimes the page loads very slowly. Try it again, and refresh the page if it doesn’t open.

    • says

      Jeanne — There’s no mention of Holiday in the Park specifically, but these are any day tickets valid any Six Flags Discovery Kingdom operating day until January 5, 2014 — same as you’d buy from Six Flags directly, only cheaper.

  12. Tamara T says

    We used these two separate times to take our family and guests from out of town. The ticket deals works great. We had a wonderful time, but ended up spending the money we saved on Six Flags tickets on toys to bring home.

    • says

      Bernie — yes, these are absolutely reliable and a great way to get last minute tickets. Just download the voucher and take it to the park. They will scan the barcode. We’ve tested this out many times and gotten great feedback from other people that it works great.

    • says

      abby — Yes you can be sure these tickets are reliable. The travel reservation service that processes orders is A+ BBB rated, and the technology they use allows you to shop online with security. Scroll down to the bottom of the page after clicking the link and you will see.

      Also, I can tell you people buy these tickets this way every day. In fact, people write in to tell us what a great time they had — and at a very good price.

  13. Stella says


    Are the tickets for the “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom” valid for any day. If you go to the actual Six Flags site you have to state the day you are going on?

    We will be visiting California very shortly and this deals seems too good?

    • says

      Stella — Yes, the tickets you get through our pages are valid any day Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is open through December 30, 2013. That makes this deal even better.

  14. Marcus Pinkins says

    do i have to purchase a hotel room or can i just pay the family package total just for one days admittance only??

    • says

      Marcus — You can just get the family 3 Pack by itself. You don’t need to book a hotel to get the discount. Thanks for asking! Lots of people were probably wondering the same thing.

    • says

      Stephanie, there’s a link in the post. Click on it to find the page to buy tickets. Thanks for your note, though. I will add a “More Info & Tickets” link to make it more clear.

  15. Shari says

    We are season ticket holders and have been for years, although we have not been to the park this year to officially turn in our forms and get our cards and coupon books. Does anyone know if the 2013 coupon book has a special from bringing friends free or at a discounted rate during spring break? Thanks, Shari

  16. MommaG says

    Yes, 100% reliable, i just purchased tickets for the weekend. I’ve used them a number of times already and they have really good deals.

  17. Bob K. says

    I’m so glad to see the $20 off tix are back this year. I just got some for the family and visiting relatives. Thanks for the heads up and sorting out the pricing differences.

  18. Mo says

    the deal shouldn’t work anymore. if you visited the actual Twitter page of Six Flags, they said it self-destructs after 2 hours. however, they may have the deal again sometime?

    • katsummers says

      Yes, the Six Flags at Vallejo says it it still good, but for a limited time. But the web page is broken. Since the deal is only good at certain times, I would call them and ask how you can still take advantage of the deal. The number is: 707-644-4000.

  19. Yvette says

    I went to get the Six Flags $15 discount tickets and I get an error when trying to access the page. Is this false advertising? It did not specify a time limit. Where can I purchase my $15 tickets?

    • says

      Yvette, Yes, I just called and they said their twitter is still good through august. But their page is down and the guy who can fix it is off for the weekend. Keep checking the page. I’ll follow up and post here when the page is back up. Thanks for letting me know.

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