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SoCal Art Walks

In Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, the term “Art Walks” can mean anything from privately led tours through local art galleries, to a handful of artists hawking their artwork from street carts. Some are held in the evenings and attract the chic art crowd, while some are daytime events in more of a county fair atmosphere.

Regardless of the type, they are a nice way to get out into the city and vist with your local artsists that help make SoCal such a vibrant place to enjoy art. Our favorite, and a not-to-miss night out, is the Downtown L.A. Art Walk. The early crowd tends to be more art oriented, while the late crowd tends to be more entertainment oriented.

NOTE: The following was updates June 14, 2014.

Los Angeles

Orange County

San Diego


  1. Swodeck says

    Another great LA Art Walk is Pomona’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. 40+ galleries, food, music, and more. Won best Art Walk in the IE (although it’s not really in the IE, it’s in LA county).

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