Tualatin Crawfish Festival – Free Friday

The Tualatin Crawfish Festival offers free admission of Friday to kick off festivities at the Tualatin Commons. On Friday, you can also get sample size crawfish dishes for a $1 ticket.

The festival gets its crawfish straight from Oregon’s Lake Billy Chinook and Pacific Seafood. Make like a kid and eat these crustaceans with your hands — hot, cold, jambalay, gumbo, hushpuppy or crawfish cocktail. (If you ask for utensils they’ll think you’re joking.)

“Through the years, the Crawfish Festival has become a huge success. The average number attendees each year is estimated at 12,000 people. Children and adults alike come to enjoy the activities which include a parade, a dog show, live music, craft vendors, food and of course, the crawfish themselves.”

WHAT: The Tualatin Crawfish Festival Free admission on Friday.

MORE INFO: tualatincrawfishfestival.com

WHERE: Tualatin Commons 8325 SW Nyberg St, Tualatin, Oregon 97062.

WHEN: August (check back next year).

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