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Water Park of America 2014 coupons, deals, discounts.

WPOA Bloomington Discount

Discount passes and a coupon are available for Water Park of America: The Nation’s Largest Indoor Water Park, in Bloomington, MN. These discount offers really add up when you’re taking the family to the Park. The source of this offer just added more tickets, and they are valid for use any day you want to use them through July of 2015. You don’t need to pick in advance, so if you change your mind, no problem.
Water Park of America Coupon
DEAL: Water Park of America All-Day Pass Discount 47% Off — $19.98 (reg. $39.95). You don’t need a coupon for this offer. But you’ll need to sign in by email with the ticket source who works with the Water Park to bring you this offer. Then find the deal featured on their Minneapolis deals page.

COUPON: The coupon from WaterPark of America is no longer available but I’ll post a link to the next one here. NOTE: the deal above is actually better than their coupons. Other sites that say they have coupons are usually just showing the expired ones.

WHEN: With this offer your tickets a good for any date now through July 2015. (You don’t have to pick in advance.)

WHERE: Water Park of America, 1700 E. American Blvd., Bloomington MN 55425. (Located in the Radisson Hotel Bloomington by Mall of America).

SAVVY TIPS: Visitors to the Water Park say …

  • Parking is free and plentiful.
  • You can rent lockers for $6, but they’re small, so you might want to limit what you bring in and leave the rest in the trunk of your car.
  • You can buy food there, but it isn’t cheap, so you might want to eat before you go, or bring snacks.
  • Small towels are provided, and you can trade your wet towels for dry ones.
  • Best tip: change in the hotel lobby bathroom.

Water Park of America features:

  • Minnesota’s only Flow Rider Surf Simulator.
  • The Lake Superior wave pool.
  • America’s longest indoor family raft ride, which is ten stories tall and over a mile long.
  • Several body and tube slides.
  • Activity pools with hoops, nets and balancing logs.
  • Fort Snelling play area for smaller children featuring numerous places to climb, slide, and have fun; including a large bucket dumping 500 gallons of water every two and a half minutes.

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    • says

      shelly — The deal is there, you just have to follow the link and make sure you’re on the Minneapolis / Saint Paul page (if not, see the map at the bottom of that page). Then click on the “All Events” tab at the top. You’ll need to scroll down a few offers to see the deal.

      For some reason the venue doesn’t like bloggers like me to link directly to their offer on the offer site, so my link just takes you to the main sign-up page. Sorry I can’t be more help. But trust me, it’s there today. I just checked. And when they run out, which they often do, they usually add more soon.

      • Melissa Mann says

        I was able to find this deal today also! Thank you so much. It will be a great deal for Spring Break.

    • says

      Kris — It’s there and they just added more tickets, valid any day you want to use them now through July 2014. They’re featuring it on their front page today, but you need to make sure you’re on the Minneapolis page or it won’t show. If you’re not sure, scroll down to the bottom of the page (after following the link). You’ll see a map. Click on the map and select your city. (Sorry I can’t be more helpful, they’ve asked that bloggers not exact deal page).

  1. Ashley says

    hey is there a way to get a promo code for these tickets. I have a gift card for the water park but would like to use the 50% off.

    • says

      Ashley — You don’t need a code for the deal listed here. Just follow the link to the source of this deal, and put “waterpark” in the search box to pull up the right page. You won’t be able to use the gift card and the half off deal for the same tickets, though.

  2. amanda says

    i click on the link it brings me to ticket page i click on the family box and than i am lost?? i see nothing anywhere for the waterpark??

    • says

      Yes. But make sure you are on the Minneapolis page. If you scroll down to the map at the bottom and click on the middle, you’ll find the right page. I hope this helps. Hey, how about I email you the direct link. (shhhhh!). Let me know if you find it and can get tickets.

    • says

      Hi Amanda — Just follow the link in my post to the source of this offer, then click on the “Family” category (right side of page). You’ll see the deal at the top of the page. If you see an ad for their app, just click on “continue to site.” I just checked and it’s still valid.

      Sorry, the waterpark doesn’t want bloggers to link directly to this offer on this offer site or I would give you the direct link.

  3. Shauna Tillman says

    Found a 50% off coupon offer on savvycities.com and would like to find out how to get this coupon…

    • says

      Shauna — The current deal for Water Park of America is 47% off — almost as good. To get the deal you need to follow the link in the post (blue) to the source of the offer. Go to their Minneapolis/Saint Paul page and you’ll see the deal for Water Park of America. They sometimes run out, but they usually get more and then the page changes, so I can’t give you the exact link, just the link to the source home page. They ask for email sign in (but you can always unsubscribe later if you want).

  4. says

    Hey folks, as predicted, the Water Park deal did run out again. We’ve sent a note to the half price deal source and will post their response (hopefully more 50% off tickets) when we hear back. In the meantime, we’ve posted a link to a half day coupon good until the end of the month.

    • says

      If the page says it’s expired, tick the box that says “Tell me when there are more dates” and they will email you as soon as more tickets are available at the discount price. This Water Park of America deal has been popular because of the holiday. But they have run out of tickets before and always added more in a few days.

  5. Lisa says

    There is no such deal on the Goldstar Web site (which where the first link above takes you). My only guess is that the true purpose of this page is to get people to sign up for Goldstar daily deal emails. Gee, thanks.

    • says

      Hey Lisa, look again. There sure is a deal for Water Park of America on the site and it just got better, now 66% off instead the previous half off deal (just added above). Please look a little closer before you accuse us of evil intentions. We’d sure like other readers to find this great deal.

      Although if you haven’t signed in with the deal source, they will route you to their sign-up page (as most deal sites do) before taking you directly to the Water Park page. Nothing we at Savvy Cities can do about that!

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